LYL Girls Lacrosse Rules and Guidelines
Lacrosse Equipment
1. Sticks (also call the Crosse in girls lacrosse): Please buy a girls stick rather than a boy’s stick. Get a traditional pocket rather than a “Tracker” pocket. Pocket Depth: As the stick is held in a horizontal position, the top of the ball must remain even with or above the stick wall.
2. Mouth Guards: Every player must have one. They have to be colored and can’t have a tab sticking out. Get three or more. You’ll use them all.
3. Goggles: Must be regulation lacrosse goggles, ASTM approved.
4. Uniforms: Jerseys are purchased when you register and will be distributed early April. Game shorts should be bought at Tri-Con late March.
5. Sport Bag: Great place to put goggles, mouth guards, water bottle and extra clothing.
Lacrosse Rules:
1. Time: Two 25 minutes halves running time. No overtime.
2. The Draw: This is how the game is started by the two Centers as Wings (midfielders) line up around the center circle.
3. Three Passes: A team must attempt to pass three times before they can score.  The passes do not need to be completed, a pass and scoop counts.
4. Three seconds: This applies to U13 only. Girls can only hold the ball for three seconds before they have to pass, if they are closely guarded by a defender, who is in a position to legally check, if checking were allowed. This is because there is no checking at U13 level.
5. Restraining Line: Each team must have four (4) players behind the restraining line at all times.
6. Checking: No checking at U11 or U13 level. U15 are allowed modified checking. Modified checking is checking the stick if it is below shoulder level, using a downward motion away from the other player's body with both hands on the stick.
7. You can’t rake the ball into your stick. This is called “covering” the ball.
8. You can’t kick the ball.
9. Parents: Need to be on the opposite side of the field as the players during games.
10. No tripping, blocking, detaining, pushing, or barging. And you can’t hit anyone with your stick.
11. When on defense, no hanging out in front of the goal (being in the 8 meter arc) for more than three seconds unless you’re less than a stick length away from someone you are marking (covering).
12. Shooting Space: On defense, if a defender is more than a stick length away from the shooter, is between the shooter and the goal, when the shooter has the ball in the arc and is looking to shoot, the defender is in “shooting space”.  The defender is not in shooting space if they are within a stick length of the shooter.
13. You can’t put your stick close to an opponents face or throat.
14. Unless you are the goalie, stay out of the crease. The crease is the circle around the goal. You can’t even let the end of your stick go in the crease if you are shooting. If you do, your shot won’t count.
15. Once a goalie steps out of the crease, they need to stay out of the crease.
16. Referee Wistle: When the referree blows the wistle, all players must stop and stand still until the referee resumes play with a wistle.

Attack 1
Attack 2
Attack 3
(Restraining Line)
Left Attack Wing                                            Right Attack Wing
Left Defense Wing                                        Right Defense Wing
(Restraining Line)
Defense 1
Defense 2
Defense 3