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Welcome to the Lexington Youth Lacrosse Boys Program!

The LYL Boys Program is dedicated to introducing, teaching, and expanding youth lacrosse in Lexington and neighboring communities.

We believe that lacrosse, among all the sports options available to your son, provides a unique and exciting combination of individual athleticism (speed, endurance, hand-eye coordination), teamwork, and on-the-fly, creative problem solving, and we strive to bring these experiences to your son!

We have developed a comprehensive curriculum that is fun, competitive, and instructional, and is intended to teach age-appropriate skills in an integrated manner that builds across each youth age level and will prepare the players to play at the high school and college level. Notably, we are extremely lucky to have Dave Walsh, the Head Coach of the Lexington High School Lacrosse Team, working with us to make sure our 8th grade players are well prepared for LHS lacrosse.

The Boys Program comprises 4 age levels that are determined by school grade in the year of competition: Classic 1/2 (1st and 2nd grade), Classic 3/4 (3rd and 4th), Classic 5/6 (5th and 6th), and Classic 7/8 (7th and 8th). After 8th grade, we expect our LYL graduates to be helping the Lexington High School team win state championships!


The Boys Program Leadership

The leadership of the Boys Program is entirely composed of parent-volunteers comprising a Director, a Director of Player and Coach Development, and Level Coordinators at each of the 4 grade-based levels (see below for details).

Colby Crogan - Boys Director

Colby is a native of Lexington and played 4 years of varsity lacrosse at Lexington High School.  He Attended the University of Hartford and was a 4-year midfield starter for the nationally ranked Hawks.  He has coached and played the game of lacrosse for over 25 years and truly loves working with the youth program. 

Rob Lyng - Director of Player and Coach Development

Rob grew up playing goalie in upstate New York. He then attended Harvard University where he was a four-year starter in goal and served as team captain during his senior year. After college, Rob was an assistant coach for the Georgia Tech lacrosse team for 14 years where he focused on the offense and goalies. Rob has been coaching with LYL since moving to Lexington in 2012.

Level Coordinators

Each age level will have a level coordinator (or two) who will be responsible for working with the coaches at their level to implement the training plan as defined in the curriculum and to ensure that each player receives the highest level of instruction and that it is delivered in a consistent manner. For the Spring 2018 season, the level coordinators are:

Classic 1/2 Level Coordinator: TBD

Classic 3/4 Level Coordinator: Rob Lyng

Classic 5/6 Level Coordinator: Ted Sidel

Classic 7/8 Level Coordinator: Colby Crogan


Spring Season


Classic 1/2 (1st and 2nd grade)

The Classic 1/2 program run from early April through mid-June and consists of one practice per week in Lexington (usually Sunday late afternoon pending field availability) for 10 weeks. The focus for the Classic 1/2 player is on learning the basic lacrosse skills and having FUN! There is some upfront learning associated with lacrosse because of the hand-eye coordination required to catch and pass a lacrosse ball. We strive to combine the requisite skill development with plenty of games like Sharks and Minnows to keep things fun. We want to make sure that every boy/family that might be interested in lacrosse has the opportunity to come out and enjoy learning the oldest sport in America! The cost of the Classic 1/2 program is $190 for the season plus $40 membership in MBYLL (Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League).  All players are required to have this membership.

Click here to register your son.


Classic 3/4 (3rd & 4th grade), Classic 5/6 (5th & 6th grade), Classic 7/8 (7th & 8th grade)

The Classic programs run from early March (indoor preseason) through mid-June. During the March pre-season, there is one indoor practice per week on Sunday afternoon (pending field availability). During the April to June regular season, there are two practices in Lexington during the week (usually 5:30-7pm on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday pending field availability) and one game per week on Sunday in Lexington or nearby towns. The games are played in the Classic League of the Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL), the largest youth lacrosse organization in the country.

Players must be committed to attending the majority of their practices and all games. For players engaged in multiple spring sports, LYL believes strongly in a "games before practices" philosophy: your lacrosse game is more important than a conflicting practice in another sport, and vice versa. The occasional missed lacrosse practice to attend a game in another sport is understandable, but we hope such absences will be minimized.

At each level, the players are divided into 2-3 teams ("Blue", "Gold", "White") depending on the number of players at each level. The team rosters are created based on a number of factors with the major determinants being keeping neighbors/friends together (based on elementary school) and maintaining approximate parity between teams. The teams at each level practice together but have distinct game schedules.

The cost of the Classic programs is $240 if you register before 1/1/2018.  On 1/1/2018, prices go up to $290. We will start a wait list on January 21, 2018.  There is an additional fee of $40 for membership in MBYLL (Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League) and This membership is required for all players.

 Click here to register your son. 

*New players, either rising from Classic 1/2 or joining LYL for the first time, must also purchase a game uniform (shorts and jersey). This uniform can be used for multiple seasons. Information regarding uniforms will be sent after registration.  


Select 5/6 (grades 5/6) and Select 7/8 (grades 7/8)

In addition to the Classic teams (see above), we also field a Select Team at the Select 5/6 and Select 7/8 levels from early April through June. The Select Team roster comprises the best players as determined by try-out, and the team competes against some of the best town teams in Massachusetts in the highly competitive MBYLL Select League. By league rule, participation on the Select team is in addition to player participation on a Classic team (see above). The Select teams have one extra practice per week in Lexington (usually 5:30-7pm on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday pending field availability) and one extra game per week on Saturday in Lexington and nearby towns.

*IMPORTANT: The Select player will have a total of 3 practices per week (2 Classic + 1 Select) and 2 games per week (1 Classic + 1 Select). This is a BIG commitment. We expect our Select players to attend all their scheduled practices and games both Classic and Select. Although LYL is supportive of players competing in multiple sports, our experience over the years has demonstrated that it can be very difficult for players competing in multiple spring sports to fairly meet their commitment to their Select team coaches and teammates. The Select roster is kept small to maximize effective practicing and to give players more playing time. As a result, the absence of just 1 or 2 players can significantly undermine practice effectiveness and game competitiveness. We ask that Select practices and games supersedes conflicting activities in other sports. Playing time on the Select team will be determined by a combination of skills, attendance at Select and Classic practices and games, and overall positive attitude toward teammates, opponents, coaches, and the sport of lacrosse.

The cost to participate on the Select team is $150. Tryouts will take place in late March and players invited to participate will be provided with instructions for registration and payment.



Participation in all Boys LYL Programs requires full lacrosse equipment. Click here to access our 'Boys Equipment Requirements' page for more details.


Questions, Comments, Concerns

If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact our Boys Director at boys_director@lexingtonlax.org .


Questions, Comments, Concerns

If you have additional questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact our Boys Director at boys_director@lexingtonlax.org .